Production Scale Plasma Thermolysis

Torrent has developed proprietary technologies, processes and reactors based on plasma thermolysis. The process breaks the bonds that hold elements in chemical compounds. The process requires temperatures greater than the surface of the sun, 5500o C.

When applied to liquid or gas hydrocarbons the process extracts the Hydrogen as a gas and converts the carbons to solids.

The process produces Zero-CO2

Plasma Decomposition is stunning in its simplicity, the process happens instantly and efficiently. It is the most cost-effective method for CO2 free production of Hydrogen.

No pollutants are created.

We are not burning Hydrocarbons.

we are blowing them apart.

Unmatched Production Efficiency

Comparing the efficiencies and cost of production of competing technologies is as easy as
looking at the amount of energy required to produce a Kg of Hydrogen.

Torrent Energy


PEM Cells

The Torrent systems are an elegant design. The reactors are easily scaled to any production demand, and can be further multiplexed to reach even high volume demands of bulk production. Torrent technology has been fully developed and is being commercialized into a broad array of applications.

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